Follow These 3 Pieces of Advice for Speeding Up Shipping in Your Business

A business that relies on shipping to its customers is dependent on two key areas – quality and speed. 

Quality is the state of the shipped item upon arrival to the customer, where packaging is adequate, the unit inside is undamaged, and the price is satisfactory for the buyer. 

Speed is how long it takes the item to reach the customer and, just as importantly, how this time compares to the expected time of shipping. While an item arriving with a customer in three working days may seem quick, if the buyer was anticipating it to arrive in two – because that is what was advertised at the time of purchase – then it was not speedy enough. 

The following three pieces of advice should help speed up shipping and guarantee a satisfied customer base.

Streamlined Purchasing

Streamlining the purchasing system of your business is a quick way of speeding up the entire purchasing process, from payment being received to the customer having the item land on their doorstep. 

Ensure you have systems in place for taking card payments if you operate in a physical store – cash fell from 27% to 18% between 2016 and 2020 as the preferred payment method of American adults, so not only will payments directly into the company bank account be quicker by card, but you will also be following the societal ‘cashless’ trend. 

If you operate online, integrating fast payments such as PayPal and Google Pay can also be beneficial for getting the money into your coffers, ready to use on paying for fast shipping. 

A final piece of streamlined purchasing that you could install in your business is offering free shipping. Rather than charging $35 for an item and $5 for shipping, charge $40 for the item and say the shipping price is included – this has been shown to attract customers and will remove any scope for haggling over shipping fees.

Better Shipping Technology

Once purchases are flowing into your business, it would help to have fast-paced and reliable shipping technology in your storage facilities. Sturdy conveyor belts from Fluent Conveyors can move items around your warehouse quickly and aid the staff members tasked with getting items off the shelf and into the mail. Conveyor belts are handy pieces of equipment whether you’re selling food, paper, or raw materials – virtually anything you can think of.

Use Couriers

UPS and FedEx are two of the most popular couriers across the United States and they hold their popularity for good reason. 

It is well known that couriers such as these can get your items from warehouse to customer in a much shorter time than using the normal postal system, but what business owners may not be aware of is that business rates and personalized shipping solutions are often available, making the service affordable and flexible. 

Couriers can be held accountable for any missing items and, depending on the service you choose, may also offer insurance on expensive objects that are being transported. Finally, as an advantage for the customer, couriers offer extensive options for home delivery such as choosing a delivery date and a specific safe location if they are away.