Newsom recall: How candidates are spending campaign cash

In summary

New campaign finance reports reveal California recall spending: Kevin Faulconer has the most cash, Caitlyn Jenner is in debt and John Cox paid a consultant to suggest a bear.

With six weeks to go before Californians decide whether to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom, the favorite of major GOP donors is still Kevin Faulconer. The former San Diego mayor has amassed more than $3 million in contributions. While most of his haul has come from big spenders, the median contribution was $5,000, according to campaign finance reports filed Monday. 

Conservative talk show host Larry Elder’s campaign has raised more than $1 million, according to his daily financial filings. That puts him second to Faulconer in total contributions, excluding self-funding. 

Despite being related to the Kardashians and boasting a private plane, Caitlyn Jenner has so far outraised the rest of the replacement candidate field among small-dollar donors who give less than $100 and therefore aren’t listed by name. With the help of some aggressive digital fundraising techniques and massive name ID, she has taken in nearly $200,000 in these non-itemized contributions. That’s the good news. The bad news: Her campaign has spent hundreds of thousands more than it’s taken in.